Device Cloud Networks Partners with Anemon to Expand M2M Solutions in Agriculture and Farming

Following Successful Trials in Switzerland New Device Ready to Deploy Biometric Monitoring Solution for Dairy Cows and Animal Husbandry.

Device Cloud Networks (DCN) today announced a collaboration with Anemon, a provider of telemetry based biometric monitoring for animals, to deliver a machine-to-machine (M2M) solution for the agricultural and farming industries that automates monitoring of lactation cycles for individual animals and herds through electronic sensor fusion.

Dairy cows and other farm animals are showing fewer and fewer accurate signs of readiness for insemination, making it difficult for farmers and breeders to use traditional visual examinations to know when the animals are ready to be artificially inseminated, and roughly 50 percent of insemination times are missed due to the difficulty in accurately monitoring the animal. The traditional manual process has a significant impact on productivity as well as profitability for farmers and breeders.

“Artificial insemination of dairy cows and other farm animals demands accurate and precise heat detection, and breeders expend hours observing animals to gauge optimal timing for best results,” said Kurt Hug, President of Anemon.

“Anemon’s telemetry based solution combined with the connectivity platform of DCN provides farmers and breeders increased effectiveness through a 90 percent detection rate for maximum efficiency in animal husbandry. As a result, this solution improves productivity and profitability for farmers and breeders, while the reliability and efficiency of the DCN platform enables Anemon to focus on growth and other key business objectives.”

The solution from Anemon utilizes sensors that measure biometric data and then transmits the results across the airwaves of local mobile networks. Additionally, alerts are sent via SMS to the farmer or breeder using SIM cards monitored on the DCN platform for managing connected devices. The use of embedded SIM chips and the DCN solution technology allows Anemon to manufacture products using a single SKU for global distribution and the ability to choose its preferred local network operator.

DCN delivers a comprehensive M2M platform that combines wireless connectivity, service provisioning, device management and application enablement to simplify the process of bringing wireless connectivity to products of any type. With the dynamic global Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) from DCN, connectivity can be embedded into a M2M device at the point of manufacturing, to create a single product SKU (stock keeping unit) along with the required value-added services and Web-based management for global deployment. DCN enables global connectivity and device management delivered through a single core mobile network using the radio access networks of DCN’s alliance of mobile network operators working collectively to provide a common service experience for customers such as Anemon.

Dave Williams, chief executive officer of DCN, said:

“M2M connectivity is increasing rapidly throughout the world, across a variety of industries including agriculture and farming.”

“The Anemon and DCN collaboration demonstrates how the Internet of Things is becoming a reality and how M2M applications can dramatically transform existing industries in exciting new ways.”

Anemon recently tested its solution in Switzerland on eight farms and with two agricultural colleges, and realized an average of 90 percent effectiveness rates in identifying when animals were in heat. Anemon is exploring additional innovative markets for this solution, such as protecting endangered species.

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