Logic PD Partners with SeeControl to Accelerate Delivery of IoT Solutions

Logic PD Partners with SeeControl to Accelerate Delivery of IoT Solutions

Logic PD has partnered with SeeControl to provide a single source for accelerated Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

Logic PD, a leading systems integrator, together with SeeControl, a leader in machine-to-machine cloud applications, brings a concept-to-application solution.

Customers need to quickly understand the business model, technology and user needs to be able to build, measure and launch highly valued IoT solutions for the subscription economy. Therefore, Logic PD has developed the Adrenaline series, including a one-day business modeling workshop, a rapid prototype process, and a pilot service to test the solution with minimal start-up costs to validate the concept and get to market faster. The Adrenaline™ Process is an agile, iterative solution for navigating the IoT ecosystem with a quick, low risk, formalized offering development that allows customers to assess needs, pilot and validate a solution with users to deliver ongoing value and participate in the subscription economy. SeeControl’s IoT platform and associated integration methodology completes the tools Logic PD needed to deliver an IoT solution with a seamless process.

Logic PD has a proven track record in developing market-specific IoT solutions. For example, Logic PD developed a connected device for patient management that collects patient information from a pacemaker and sends it to the physician allowing for fewer doctor visits and delivering a better quality of life at a lower overall healthcare cost. In smart/precision framing, Logic PD developed solutions for increased efficiency using GPS satellites to plot straight crop rows as well as RFID and diagnostic sensors connected to the cloud for big data solutions to diagnose animal health in the field.

Logic PD and SeeControl partner“We can be the system integrator that manufacturers need to bring a product or solution offering to a specific market,” says Scott Nelson, PhD, Logic PD’s chief technology officer and executive vice president.

“We first look at the market and application needs and then identify which technologies make the most sense to develop an IoT solution that our customers’ end users will value and adopt.”

“Partnering with SeeControl was a natural fit for us because they use the same user centered, lean start up methodology we use to help our customers create and deploy their IoT solutions quickly and efficiently,” adds Nelson.

“No other product development firm has this concept-to-application capability that helps customers figure out the entire solution from business plan, to technology, to profitability and user experience.”

“Logic PD offers the one-stop-shop that can help customers from start to finish with all the key ingredients they need to get to a connected solution,” says Parthesh Shastri, vice president, customer success and strategy, SeeControl.

“Device OEMs understand their products, but connected products are a greenfield area with no set rules to follow. Logic PD’s Adrenaline series is a tool to help navigate through this new connected product evolution and emerge on the other end with a product offering that resonates with users.”

“We look forward to contributing our platform to Logic PD’s upcoming hackathon and seeing the creative solutions the designers and engineers develop for market needs,” adds Shastri.

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