M2M One and ATrack Technology collaborate to provide 3G services to telematics and tracking customers throughout Australia

M2M One and ATrack Technology collaborate to provide 3G services to telematics and tracking customers throughout Australia

M2M One is pleased announces a new partnership with leading Taiwanese hardware manufacturer ATrack Technology Inc.

ATrack is one of the first round of companies to be part of M2M One’s new partnership program. The program is focused on creating a network of hardware, software and solution providers that can help new entrants into the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) space develop and grow their business quickly.

ATrack and M2M One are collaborating to support businesses in Australia that are adopting 3G hardware to benefit from the larger coverage area and higher throughput. These benefits coupled with the uncertain future of 2G networks and the shut down of Telstra’s 2G network on December 1st 2016 have driven companies to push their migration from 2G telematics devices to 3G quicker than anticipated.

From the launch of its first 3G product in December 2010, ATrack now offers a complete product line of 3G devices that have been deployed globally. The range includes the AK7 and 3G GPS/GLONASS trackers for fleet management and advanced telematics, AL7 3G GPS Motorcycle tracker, and AX9 3G OBDII / J1939 Plug & Play tracker.

Supported by Australia’s largest mobile network, M2M One services simplify the utilization of ATrack devices by providing complete access to the 850/2100Mhz 3G network, as well as a suite of management and diagnostic tools for companies to manage their fleet of M2M SIM Cards.

“We’re excited to be working with ATrack in Australia. We already provide connectivity to a number of their customers so a closer relationship is going to be beneficial for both organizations.” said James Mack, General Manager of M2M One.

“One of the biggest hurdles for any business entering the M2M and IoT market is the wealth of options available. Through our partnership program we’re hoping to give customers a ‘one-stop shop’ for information on hardware, software and connectivity.”

“And as our program grows we’re looking forward to working with more quality hardware manufactures like ATrack to make sure our customers can reduce their development costs by working with established, proven solutions.”

As part of the partnership arrangement M2M One are offering free trial SIMs to ATrack customers in Australia who want to test their 3G device and a discount on SIM card fees for any customers who want to migrate their existing 2G fleet.

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