PodsystemM2M helps Local Motion in its Mission to Create the Largest Network of Connected Vehicles on the Planet

PodsystemM2M helps Local Motion in its Mission to Create the Largest Network of Connected Vehicles on the Planet

PodsystemM2M, the expert in multi-network data SIMs for the M2M and IoT industries, has today announced that its Best Signal, Multi Network SIM cards have been selected by Local Motion for their keyless fleet management devices.

Local Motion, based in San Mateo, CA, provides an innovative keyless fleet management solution which enables effortless vehicle sharing with streamlined, real-time fleet control and web-based motor pool management technology.

The mission critical side of this application is the ability for the enabling technology to unlock the vehicle by the driver using their badge or mobile device. This requires a robust mobile network signal. Local Motion found that single network coverage could often be patchy in customers’ parking lots. To resolve this issue, PodsystemM2M provided their Best Signal Multi Network SIMs, which automatically connect to the strongest mobile signal available, wherever the device is located and thereafter swap network if signal is lost to ensure optimum connectivity.

Michaël Javault, Head of Hardware, Local Motion said:
“We found that network signals could often be weak in our customers’ parking lots. This was a potential issue for our keyless entry system since the device requires a signal in order to unlock the vehicle. PodsystemM2M’s Multi Network SIMs solved this problem by ensuring that devices always have signal, no matter where they are located.”

These multi network SIMs provide reliable data connectivity for devices that are on the move, or in remote locations. With comprehensive coverage in the USA on both AT&T and T-Mobile and the additional advantage of competitive flat rate data across the USA and Europe, PodsystemM2M’s multi network SIMs are a great option for both the mission critical stage (unlocking the vehicle) and the tracking stage (monitoring the vehicle location, status and driver behavior).

Podsystem Inc. CEO Sam Colley said:

“Applications with a mission critical element such as that provided by Local Motion benefit greatly from the multi network aspect of our SIMs, which automatically switch network if signal is lost.”

“We are pleased that this feature has been instrumental in enabling Local Motion to provide a reliable solution to its customers.”

Another of the key points that attracted Local Motion to the PodsystemM2M solution was the intuitive management platform (FreedoM-2-Manage), for easy monitoring of the entire SIM base from anywhere, at any time. With real time data and alerts as well as flexible bundle selection and the ability to block and limit SIMs on demand, this enables Local Motion to effortlessly manage the connectivity of their devices from a central point.

local motion keyless vehicle accessMichaël Javault continued:
“We have been really impressed with the functionality provided via the Podsystem F2M platform – it’s really easy to use and makes it so simple to manage our SIM base.”

Group MD of Podsystem Ltd Charles Towers-Clark added:
“Our global coverage and flat rates across the USA and Europe are designed to help companies which, like Local Motion, are expanding internationally. We are delighted to be a part of this innovative application that will make fleet management infinitely more efficient.”

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