ABAX partners up with China Mobile to develop the telematics market in China

ABAX partners up with China Mobile to develop the telematics market in China

The Norwegian telematics company ABAX announced today that they have signed a 5-year partnership deal with the world’s largest mobile telecom company, China Mobile Ltd.

The deal was made official during the China Mobile IOT event in Shanghai.

“We are honoured and proud of this new partnership deal with China Mobile. This send strong signals of the international market positon ABAX has acquired. It demonstrates the strength of our technology and that of our brand”, says CEO of ABAX Group, Petter Quinsgaard.

Bjørn Erik Helgeland, COO of ABAX Group, further highlights the role ABAX plays in a very important market as growth driver for China Mobile.

“ABAX will take on an important role as China Mobile transforms into a digital service provider. The opportunities for ABAX in the world’s largest vehicle market is unparalleled for any Norwegian company and we are confident in what this new partnership will bring ABAX in the future”.

The new partnership between ABAX and China Mobile, forms a technical and knowledge based platform. ABAX will be delivering telematics solutions and technical knowledge into an increasing Internet of Things (IOT) and Chinese connected car market. Earlier this year ABAX announced the opening of an office in Nantong City.

The new deal was signed 16th of December in Shanghai at the China Mobile IOT event. ABAX was invited to join this event, hosted by China Mobile, along with a number of key players in the Chinese telecommunications and telematics market such as Huawei, Vodafone, and Sony Ericsson.

CEO of ABAX China, Anfinn Hammer Feng, says:
“We are honoured that we have been invited to the China Mobile IOT here in Shanghai.”

“The IOT market in China is growing and the ABAX technology will play an important role in creating new and high quality solutions for the Chinese market. The customer base of China Mobile alone is 845 million subscribers”.

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