Tele2 IoT launches innovation competition

Tele2 IoT launches innovation competition
IoT, Internet of Things, has already changed the way the society works as well as how businesses run their operations. However, we are still far from utilizing all of the great possibilities IoT enables.

Tele2 IoT is launching a competition where it lets companies test and experiment with its new LPWA network to come up with new ideas and innovations.

In May 2016, Tele2 IoT announced that it was going to construct a new IoT network covering the Greater Gothenburg area in collaboration with Talkpool AB. It is an LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network, in this case built on the LoRa technology ideally suited for applications that require lower bandwidth. The key advantages with the network are that IoT linked devices will be able to survive for several years on the same battery and that the hardware required has attractive pricing that opens up for new use cases that were not addressable with cellular devices. This makes the network perfect for measuring, monitoring or locating everything from products and buildings to people and animals.

The new network is now launched. To test it and to give companies as well as individuals the possibility to explore commercial and technical opportunities that have not been possible before, Tele2 IoT is launching The Tele2 IoT Challenge: LPWA. The first 100 approved to join the competition will receive a developer’s kit from Tele2 IoT and its partners Microchip, Pubnub and IBM. The challenge starts with a kick-off in Gothenburg on February 8th where experts on the area will share their insights and hold workshops to further inspire the participants and guests at the event. The applicants then have about six weeks to come up with a solution that uses the LPWA network in a way that potentially could change their business, city or home. The finalists representing the most innovative solutions with regards to customer value and transformation potential will be announced during an event end of March.

Other partners making this event possible are Giesecke & Devrient, Stena, Avnet-Silica, Kerlink, Semtech, HiQ, Sony Mobile and Sigma Technology.

Stephen Bryant, CTO at Tele2 IoT, says:

“When most people think about IoT, they think about wearables, connected cars and smart homes. But the mass of the things to be connected in this world are industrial, agricultural and smart city applications and this is where LPWA technologies are a key enabler.”

He adds:
“I think Gothenburg is a great city for innovation with a strong industrial heritage, great university and track record of creating incredible products and technologies. It is the perfect place for the Tele2 IoT LPWA Challenge in 2017 and to put the spotlight on the LPWA and the types of solutions possible with this technology.”

For more information about The Tele2 IoT Challenge: LPWA, and how to enter the competition, please visit:

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