Senet Announces Availability of Managed Network Services for Global Communication Service Providers

Senet Announces Availability of Managed Network Services for Global Communication Service Providers

Allows network operators to rapidly deploy, scale, manage, and commercialize LoRaWAN IoT connectivity and LPWAN solution offerings anywhere in the world.

Senet announced today a comprehensive portfolio of cloud-based Managed Network Services for IoT that enable Communication Service Providers (CSP) to deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets, supervise the network infrastructure, manage connectivity and control roles and access rights within a reliable and scalable solution.

Faced with unprecedented change, Communication Service Providers are adopting next generation OSS (Operations Support System) and BSS (Business Support System) solutions to support new business frameworks associated with the Cloud, IoT networks and data at scale. For CSPs wanting to gain first mover advantage in the high growth LPWAN market, Senet Managed Network Services for IoT support the turnkey addition of LoRaWAN connectivity to existing service offerings at disruptive price points and with carrier-grade scalability and security at its core.

“As the commercial deployment of gateways scale to the tens of thousands and end device counts reach the millions, the infrastructure costs associated with providing IoT network services become more critical,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO & President at Senet. “Beginning in early 2015, Senet invested in developing its OSS as a means to create the perfect balance between scalability, functionality and cost.”

“The Senet OSS is now managing one of the largest LoRaWAN networks in the world and provides our carrier partners with the opportunity to create new revenue streams and speed LPWAN commercialization world-wide.”

Key elements of Senet’s Managed Network Services for IoT include:

Operational Support System (OSS)

  • Managed cloud based Network Controller for centralized device control and reporting
  • Radio access network management for gateway management and RF management for End Devices
  • Network maintenance operations, including monitoring, alarming, troubleshooting, and RF reporting

Network Provider Management Portal

  • Multi-role application/customer management
  • Application onboarding
  • Application Controllers and Security Controller with data aggregation services, visualization tools, and bi-directional REST streaming APIs
  • Provider branding options

Business Support System (BSS)

  • Billing support, including custom integration to ERP systems
  • Application Provider Portal for End Device onboarding, integrated device tracking, and application-specific network mapping and system health tools

Senet is unique among IoT connectivity providers, in that it has extensive experience in operating low-power, wide-area networks as well as the technical expertise to create the critical core technologies required to provide the optimal solution with the best cost structure for long term competitiveness.

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