Telit’s Comprehensive IoT Portfolio is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT Device Catalog

Telit’s Comprehensive IoT Portfolio is Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT Device Catalog

  • Telit’s strategy enables solution developers and system integrators to quickly identify and begin using Telit modules to both create turnkey solutions and provide their own certified devices on the catalog.
  • Telit Azure-certified modules protect developers’ investment with hardware and software drop-in replacements, guaranteeing a seamless migration and unified approach to architecture design and implementation.

Telit, a global enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced that several of its module families have been certified by Microsoft as part of its Azure Certified for IoT device catalog.

This certification provides Azure solution developers with a comprehensive selection of industry-leading LTE-M, NB-IoT, LTE Cat 1-4, Wi-Fi +Bluetooth modules, enabling rapid development of IoT applications for fleet telematics, industrial automation, security, video, wearables and more.

The Azure Certified for IoT program features more than 1,000 IoT devices certified to work with Azure IoT Hub, Azure IoT Edge and IoT Plug and Play (Public Preview). This catalog helps developers quickly identify the right devices for their IoT application, streamlining their time to market and time to revenue.

Telit’s certified modules also provide integration with the Azure IoT Hub through easy-to-use AT commands. Solution integrators can use AT commands, when pairing the module with an external microcontroller unit (MCU) or develop their own applications through the Azure IoT SDK when using the Telit module for on-board application development.

The ME910C1 and WL865E4 are Telit’s initial Azure Certified for IoT Plug and Play modules. The ME910C1 leverages the commercial LTE NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M networks deployed worldwide and provides the optimized power consumption and enhanced signal coverage that are key for applications such as fitness/medical wearables, smart meters and asset tracking. The WL865E4-P low-power, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low Energy module features integrated cryptographic hardware, making it ideal for high-bandwidth, high-security applications such as health care, video, smart home and industrial control.

Following the WL865E4-P and ME910C1, two additional Telit module families were added to the Azure Certified for IoT catalog:

  • The LE910C1 and LE910C4 provide LTE Cat. 1 and 4 connectivity, VoLTE for voice applications, 3G fallback, GNSS location with simultaneous multi-constellation and support for over-the-air firmware updates.
  • The ME910G1 and ME310G1 supports NB-IoT and LTE-M, and is optimized for applications that require ultra-long battery life and reliable coverage, including deep inside buildings. With the miniature size of 13.1 x 14.3 mm, the ME310G1 is ideal for integration in super-compact devices.

The Azure Certified for IoT catalog will also include the Telit Bravo evaluation kit, which allows developers to quickly and easily test Telit tools and resources while creating proof-of-concept solutions. Featuring the ME910C1-WW module, Bravo can be used as a standalone solution with Telit’s AppZone API or as a non-standalone solution connected to Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Telit will also release a tool kit to enable box makers and OEMs to quickly certify their Telit-powered devices.

“The new Azure IoT capabilities in Telit’s industry-leading modules for 4G LTE, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enables customers to rapidly integrate their devices with the Microsoft Azure ecosystem,” said Manish Watwani, Chief Marketing and Product Officer, Telit.

“This functionality reduces the complexities of integrating the Azure SDK to embedded devices making onboarding easier than ever before, reducing time to market and increasing the capabilities of edge devices to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and IoT Central.”

“We welcome Telit’s family of modules to the growing list of Azure Plug-and-Play devices, making it easier for OEMs and solution builders to include connectivity that ‘just works’ with the Azure IoT platform,” said Tony Shakib, General Manager, Azure IoT Azure IoT at Microsoft Corp. “Telit’s work in emerging network technologies like NB-IoT and CAT-1 opens up new possibilities for digital transformation across many industries to simplify IoT from edge to cloud.”

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