Axon Telematics utilises Aeris’ IoT to enable rapid self-install UBI solution amid Covid restrictions

Axon Telematics utilises Aeris’ IoT to enable rapid self-install UBI solution amid Covid restrictions

Aeris Communications, a preferred Internet of Things (IoT) technology partner for enterprises, today announced that through their utilisation of the Aeris Fusion IoT Network (“Fusion”), Axon Telematics have created a fast, self-install telematics device for their customer, a leading UK motor insurance provider.

Until government Covid restrictions are lifted, telematics installed by technicians will be heavily constrained. Axon’s self-installed telematics devices bridge the gap to ensure policy cover can be given, there is minimal data latency and loss ratios are kept to a minimum.

The API’s that underpin the Aeris Fusion IoT Network-enabled Axon to quickly create and launch a self-install telematics solution, with real-time performance monitoring and with the provision of all SIM’s through Fusion’s AerPort dashboard.

Real-time connectivity delivered by Fusion ensures that any issues experienced by the policyholder when fitting the telematics device can be rectified immediately, without the need for an on-site technician or an allocated call from a support desk. For the insurer, this also means no waiting time for call centres to perform installation checks, resulting in an increased number of installations per day. With Fusion, Axon Telematics is also not restricted to one network carrier, so that even in remote locations, installations can be successfully managed and real-time data can be activated immediately.

Commenting on the successful partnership with Aeris, Matthew Wilcock, CTO, Axon said:

“Without the support of Aeris, we would never have been able to move to a self-installation telematics device. With Aeris, all our services are managed in house ensuring we can maintain quality from provisioning, installation, operational management and end of life process – something we really struggled to do with our previous supplier.”

Paul Tarsey, IoT Solutions Consultant, Aeris, comments:
“With the current Covid restrictions in place it’s imperative that insurance providers who market telematics-based insurance policies have access to the right technology to ensure minimal disruption to data flow and maintain low loss ratios. The work that Aeris has undertaken to help support and realise the self-install telematics device developed by Axon is testament to this partnership. With Fusion, insurers can lower their time-to-market, reduce costs, improve business models, and enable the company to grow and thrive even in these difficult times.”

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