Choose your smart bottle

Choose your smart bottleWith the ability to use technology to track our health through Fitbit and phone apps, electronic devices have become even more savvy to include smart water bottles.

New technology has now been developed to track our water intake, hydration levels and total water consumption, which can be used to help consumers stay healthy.

What is a smart bottle?

A smart water bottle measures the amount of water a person is drinking through sensor technology, usually located in the cap of the bottle. The features of a smart water bottle can also include, temperature sensors, freshness timers, drinking reminders, and daily hydration statistics. These additional features can help the drinker know when to fill up their bottle, how often they are drinking and how much more water they should include into their daily goal.

What are the benefits of using a smart bottle?

We have all heard about how important it is to hydrate. Proper hydration insures that your body is running properly, increases brain function, aids in digestion, maintains weight loss goals, increases energy and cleanses the body from harmful toxins. Twenty-five percent of adults are dehydrated and not consuming enough water to make their body and minds run efficiently.

Smart water bottles are great for health conscious consumers who may be having trouble with their diet plan or productivity because they are not drinking enough water. Some of the caps have an application on a smartphone or computer synced through their software over a wireless connection (like Bluetooth). Information is available directly so that recommendations or reminders can be made to adjust your water intake to fit your needs. Other smart bottle caps have the display directly on the cap itself, providing level reads without having to look at a device or computer.

Examples of Smart Bottles:

Moikit Seed Bottle uses “Air-Elastic Water Consumption Tracking” meaning it has sensors in the cap to measure the amount and temperature of the air in the bottle. This lets the consumer know when they need to fill up their bottle, how fresh the water is, and if the temperature of the water is too hot for comfortable drinking. The app that goes with the sensor allows you to set reminders to drink and even alerts you when you haven’t been drinking enough water since filling the bottle.

Thermos connected hydratation bottle with smart lid has a built in USB for charging the battery and connects to your phone or smart product with Bluetooth technology. The phone uses an app “Activity Dashboard” on your device to sync information, set reminders and track your results. This cap is also compatible with FitBit so you can view hydration statistics along with your other health goals.

Water Connect solution from Water.IOWater.IO:
With Water.IO, the consumer has a larger range of products and can customize the cap, software or bottle to fit their water consumption needs.
The Water.Reminder smart cap inlcudes more sensors than other smart bottles as it has reminders sensors (light, sound, vibration), a touch sensor to know when the bottle is opened or closed, a light sensor (for nighttime reminders) and a closed/opened package sensor, so the consumer knows when the water bottle has been opened or used.

MyHydrate bottles come with a patented “smart fluid tracker” in the lid which measures daily water intake. The cap doesn’t sync with devices but uses a LED lighting system to communicate how many ounces of water have been consumed. The cap will also send out an alarm when you need to drink more water.

Compared to other smart water bottles, the hidratespark product syncs with an app on your smartphone to utilize the settings but the bottle itself glows as the alert to drink water. Coming in many different colors, this visual representation of when to drink water could help those who may not be able to hear an alarm or keep their phone near them.

Now it’s time to drink…smart!

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