Telia Norway launches NB-IoT-based service for smart farmers

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Telia Norway launches NB-IoT-based service for smart farmers

Telia Norway has launched the first service based on the new technology narrowband IoT. The Smart Farming service will provide farmers with a smart solution for monitoring irrigation systems.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a new communication technology that enables excellent coverage indoors, outdoors and in the ground. It is ideal for things that run on battery or only send data irregularly.

NB-IoT is a cost efficient way of connecting devices to existing mobile networks.

Smart Farming
Telia Norway now launches a ground breaking service based on NB-IoT. The Smart Farming service will provide farmers with a smart system for monitoring irrigation systems.

The Smart Farming service has been developed in collaboration with the Norwegian company 7Sense. The result is a system for monitoring of irrigation systems used in agriculture and making the systems better and more precise. The water sprinkler has a sensor that registers the position using GPS, alerts in case of falling pressure and provides the operating status of the irrigation system with various sensors. The sensor unit is connected to the mobile network with a NB-IoT module and sends data at regular intervals.

Abraham Foss, CEO of Telia Norway, says:

“This starts the rollout of a technology that represents a new industrial revolution. It also marks a milestone on a journey where Telia Company goes from being a pure mobile operator to becoming a modern tech company aiming at digitalising society.”

Connected smart parking
Telia has also developed a pilot for smart parking based on NB-IoT technology together with APX Systems. The solution will make it easier to a find an available parking space via a mobile application. Telia has placed sensors in the ground under the parking lots at the Storo Storsenter shopping mall in Oslo. The solution is currently only released for reserved spaces for disabled, in cooperation with the Norwegian Association of Disabled (NAD).

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