Cubic Telecom to enable global connectivity for the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

Cubic Telecom to enable global connectivity for the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform

Cubic Telecom extends collaboration with Microsoft becoming the first connectivity provider for connected vehicles.

Cubic Telecom today announced ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress event that it is collaborating with Microsoft on its Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP).

Cubic Telecom will be the first seamless connectivity provider as a core service offering to MCVP for a global market. MCVP is a set of services built on Microsoft Azure designed to empower the automotive industry to create customer connected driving experiences.

Cubic Telecom’s core network spans more than 180 countries and over 65 mobile operator partnerships, with over 2M drivers already using Cubic’s connected car solution. This gives MCVP the power to create and deliver global scalability with local connectivity to automotive manufacturers. Through Cubic Telecom’s advanced eSIM technology, applications and technologies will be embedded into vehicles at the manufacturing stage, enabling simple logistics, Over-The-Air software updates, and giving automakers the power to collect data on cars’ performance.

Barry Napier, Cubic Telecom CEO said:
“As global car manufacturers undertake to digitally transform their businesses, they are fuelled not just to achieve improved economies of scale, but rather to meet the scalability requirements for application processing, performance, storage, security and software updates. Our PACE Platform continuously demonstrates the ability to scale open interfaces and flexible workflow operations.”

“We are delighted to extend further our collaboration with Microsoft into the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Program Team. The collaboration between Cubic PACE, MCVP and Volkswagen is a prime example of digital innovation and we are proud to be chosen as the first global connectivity provider for MCVP.”

To enable a connected car is a complicated process for automakers and Microsoft sought to simplify this through a flexible and collaborative ecosystem. With MCVP the automotive manufacturer will enjoy the freedom to choose the vendors they wish to work with through Cubic’s PACE Platform. Cubic will provide global connectivity, with potential to include value-added services in the future.

Volkswagen is using Azure and MCVP for its Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, and Cubic on Azure for the connectivity solution. “We welcome the ecosystem coming together to provide a seamless solution for customers,” said Heiko Huettel, Volkswagen Automotive Cloud at Volkswagen.

Tara Prakriya, Partner Group Program Manager of MCVP and Mobility at Microsoft, said:

“The automotive industry is experiencing a transformational period and connectivity will have an increased role to play in the future of driving. The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Program consists of a set of services that enable automotive manufacturers to build global scalable connected vehicle solutions and deliver unique digital experiences for their customers.”

Prakriya added:
“We chose Cubic Telecom as the first global connectivity provider for MCVP as it has a proven track-record in the automotive marketplace. With Cubic’s proven and scaled connected services, hosted on Microsoft Azure, we look forward to bringing the MCVP solution to market together at pace and discovering more possibilities for technological innovations.”

MCVP will power next-generation, connected vehicles with advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring of car features and more.

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